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Expression of persuading, regretting, preventing, hopes, intentions, encouraging, assessing, criticizing, predicting, speculating

Kind of Expression
Expression and Respond
Example of Dialouge
Expressing Persuading
Expression Persuading:
  Come on. 
  Give it a try. 
  Try them on. 
  Believe me, you'll have fun times. 
  Don't be a spoilsport. 
  It will be fun, I'm sure. 
  You'll enjoy it. Go. 
  You won't regret it. 
  This is once in your lifetime, don't waste it. 
  It's your only chance, try it. 
  You wouldn't find them twice, come on! 
  You'll never feel sorry about it.
  Don’t be so silly!
  I really think it would be a pity if we didn’t ....
  Are you quite sure you won’t consider...?
  I really think you’d do well to ....
  Oh, come on!
  Can’t I persuade you to ....
  Let’s join .... You won’t regret it.
  I’m begging you. Will you...?
  Just this once!
  How I can persuade you to…?
  You're not going to let me down, are you?
  Not even for me/for my sake?
  Please, just this once.
  I'll think about it.
  Do you think I will succeed? 
  It is fun.
  Will I enjoy it?

At the office, Joni and Mita talked about their plan for holiday.
Joni      : Hi Mita, how are you?
Mita    : I’m fine, thanks. And you?
Joni     : Pretty well. Do you have some plan in your holiday?
Mita    : I don’t have. And do you have some plan?
Joni     : Yes I have. In holiday I will go to Bali, I will stay in my uncle’s house. Why don’t you go with me to Bali.
Mita    : Hmm, I confused. I never go away from home. This is will be the first trip to Bali for me.
Joni     : Give it a try.
Mita     : I’ll think about that.
Joni     : Oh, come on! You're not going to let me down, are you?
Mita    : Ok, I will go with you.
Joni     : That’s great. You'll never feel sorry about it.
Mita    : I keep your words.
Joni     : Alright, I’ll pick you up tomorrow afternoon.
Mita    : Ok, I’ll waiting for you. What time is it tomorrow?
Joni     : At 3.30 pm.
Mita    : Ok, don’t be late.
Joni     : Alright.

Expressing Regretting
Expression Regreting :
  I know this was my fault.
  Please for give me.
  I'm deserve to have this.
  This is the price I should pay.
  I realize I've made mistakes.
  This has been my terrible mistake.
  I wouldn't do it anymore. 
  I will pay for what I've done.
  Sorry, I didn't mean to do that.
  I didn't think of the consequences.
  It shouldn't be like this. Forgive me. 
  I’m regret of doing …..
  I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean that.
  I do apologize.
  Much to my regret. I had to ….
  Sadly, I ….
  I’m terribly sorry.
  I honestly regret that I …

Respond :
  That's fine.
  Don't mention it.
  That's OK.
  It's fine. I forgive you.
  Get out your ….
  I accept your apologies.
  Don’t be sorry.
While Farhan was eating in the cafeteria, Sarah came with a cup of tea on her hand and a box of gift for Farhan.
Sarah  : Hi, you’re alone?
Farhan: Yes! Here, sit beside me.
Sarah  : Thanks. Farhan, I do apologize that I couldn’t come to your birthday party yesterday.
Farhan : That’s fine. I know you were so busy in your boarding house.
Sarah   : Yeah, I got to clean my house.
Farhan : It’s alright.
Sarah   : Anyway, I will pay for what I’ve done. This is your gift, I know it’s just a simple gift.
Farhan : That’s OK. Thanks anyway, I like it.
Sarah   : No problem.

Expressing Preventing
Expression preventing:
  You must not ...!
  You shouldn’t (really) ...
  You’d better not ...
  I don’t really think you should ...
  (For godness sake) Don’t look!
  You can’t ...!
  You’re not (really) supposed to ...
  I don’t really think you should ...
  Stop! Wait!
  I have planned to….
  I decided to…..
  I made up my mind to…..
  I am resolved to do something.
  I must try to prevent …..
  We can’t do much to prevent ……
  I wouldn’t do that if I were you.
  I think it is not wise to do that.
  I wouldn’t take the risk if I were in your position.
  Keep away ….

Respond :
  I’ll consider that.
  I’ll think that.
  I’ll reschedule my plan
  It’s not a good idea.

Martha made a birthday party in her house, she invited her classmates to come and celebrated it.
Doni   : Who’s that boy beside Dian?
Martha: He is my classmate, he is Jonathan. Why?
Doni   : His face is familiar, I think he is the boy I ever saw on the street be arrested by police a month ago.
Martha: Really? But he is a good guy.
Doni    : I know he is your classmate but you’d better keep away from him.
Martha: It’s not a good idea. He is a good guy. He never did something wrong.
Doni    : Maybe he is hiding his real identity so no one will recognizing him.
Martha: Huh! Alright, I will try to keep away from him.
Doni    : I just don’t want to see you get in trouble. I am your brother, so I must protect you and prevents you.
Martha: I know, thank you brother.
Doni    : No problem, that’s brother’s job sister.
Expression Hopes :
  I hope ….
  What is your expectation ….?
  With any luck.
  What do you hope …?
  Ideally ….
  My heart is set on ….
  May ….
  No news is good news.
  My dream is to ...
  It's always been my hope/plan/ambition/dream to ...
  I expect to ….
  May God bless you.
  May your dream come true.
  I look forward to ….

Respond :
  I hope so
  I also expect the same

When Gina was in the supermarket, she saw Jean, her mathematics classmate was buying vegetables and fruits. She came near her.
Gina: Hi, Jeny. How are you doing?
Jeny : Not good.
Gina: What's wrong?
Jeny : I didn’t pass to entry my college dream.
Gina: What happened?
Jeny : I got bad value on my test.
Gina: I'm sorry to hear that. So what will you do?
Jeny : I don’t know, it’s always been my dream to college there.
Gina : May God bless you and I hope you will get a better college than before.
Jeny : I don’t want a better college, I want to join that college.
Gina : But you have to wait for a year to retest.
Jeny : I don’t care. It means I have a year to study so I can get good value on my next test.
Gina : I hope your dream come true.
Jeny : Yes, I hope so.
Expressing Intentions
Expression Intentions:
  I'm going to ...
  I would like to ...
  I think I will ...
  I am planning to ...
  I have decided ...
  I'm thinking of ...
  I intend to ....
  What is your plan for ….?
  Are you planning ….?
  What will you do ….?
  My intention is to ...
  Perhaps / May be I will ...
  I intend to ….
  It is my intention to ….
  I have every intention of ….

A week after graduation in high school, Tiara and her friends gathered in her house to talk about their activity during vacation.
Tiara    : What will you do during this vacation guys?
Laura  : I’m planning to go to Aceh to meet my brother and my cousin there.
Joko    : I’m thinking of learning about being lawyer that I will start by visiting a courthouse in my hometown.
Laura   : It’s sound suck!
Joko    : What? I want to be a lawyer, so don’t judge me.
Tiara    : Stop it!
Joko     : She starts mock me up!
Tiara     : I know, just stop it! I want to tell you about my plan for college.
Laura   : What’s that?
Tiara     : I have decided to move in New York with my mother and I will go after graduation.
Laura   : You will back soon right?
Tiara    : Of course, I will back for holiday.

Expressing Encouraging
Expression Encouraging :
  I'm sure you will pass ....
  That wouldn't be too hard. 
  Hey, you'll succeed on that. 
  Don't worry, I'm certain that you'll ... 
  You are a big boy/girl. 
  You are used to do that, remember? 
  I know you can do it. 
  This is for your best.
  There won't be any difficulties on ...
  You’re doing very well. 
  Give it a shot.
  Come on. This is not the end of the world.
  We feel you should go ahead.
  It wouldn’t hurt.
  Don’t give up!
  Keep it up!

Respond :
  That's a good idea.
  Go on.
  I'll think about it.
  I'll try.
  Do you think so?
  I'll consider it.

On the way to school, Dwi saw Agung who had been waiting for a bus. Dwi approached him.
Dwi     : Hi Agung, do you want to go anywhere? It looks like the rush.
Agung : I want to go to school for the school of magazine competition
Dwi     : Great. that sounds pretty interesting.
Agung : Yes, but I am not sure to win it.
Dwi     : That wouldn’t be too hard for you, you good at it.
Agung : But so many who make the magazine better than me.
Dwi     : Come on, I know you can do it. Don’t give up!
Agung : Yes Cak, I will try to be the best for later.
Dwi     : Go on! Continues to develop talent.

Expressing Assessing

Expression Assessing :
   I think ....
   What an awesome …. !
   The jokes are really funny!
   To be honest ….
   What a cruel …. !
   It is the worst performance I’ve ever seen.
   Overall, I must say ….
   Your writing is very interesting
   Oh, you are very talented in ….

  Thank you.
  I keep your word.
  It’s ok.
  I think so.
  I trust you. 

On the last Saturday night, Rian asked Wanda to watched a concert. Before they went to the concert, they bought two tickets.
Rian     : This is your ticket, come on.
Wanda : How much do you pay for the tickets?
Rian     : 100.000 rupias per ticket.
Wanda : It’s really expensive.
Rian     : It’s ok, I have enough money to buy it.
Wanda : Alright, thank you.
Rian     : No problem. Let’s come inside.
Wanda : Ok.
After they had sat on their seats, they watched the concert and suddenly Wanda turned her face to Rian.
Wanda  : I don’t like this concert. It’s to loud and I don’t even know what song the singer sings.
Rian     : Really? I though you like it. Your friend said that you like rock music.
Wanda  :  Yeah, I like rock music but not this one. You know, why I hate it? Because I think the performance is the worst that I ever seen.
Rian     : Don’t say that.
Wanda : It’s true.
Rian     : What a cruel you are.

Expression Criticizing:
  Do you think that would do any good?
  You look like a sack of cement on ….
  This is a really smart portion
  Your hand writing needs more shapes.
  Your writing is too argumentative.
  Your moves need a lot of practice
  What’s ridiculous ….!
  I can’t stand the rudeness.
  You’d be well advisen to / not to ….
  I’d say ….
  Without wishing to ….
  How shall I put it?

  Thank you.
  I keep your word.
  I trust you. 
  Let me put it this way
  It’s ok.
  I also think the same.

In the ballerina room, there was a new teacher. The teacher teached all the students who joint ballet practice. The teacher was so discipline and she didn’t like if there was a mistake in ballet.
Mila         : (open the door) I’m sorry, I’m late.
Mrs.Janet : Get out!
Mila         : But I want to practice.
Mrs.Janet : No chance. You are late and everyone who do a mistake should be punished. Take your bag and get out of here.
Mila         : (she took her bag and went out of the room wordlessly).
Mrs.Janet : What is your name? (she appointed Nana).
Nana        : I’m Nana, Mrs.Janet.
Mrs.Janet : Without wishing to hurt your feeling, I think you look fat. You need to lose a little weight. All the ballerinas shoud stop eating carbohydrates too much.
Azizah     : She is so cruel, I more like our old teacher because she never complain if we late or we are fat. I can’t stand the rudeness (she whispered to Mutia).
Mutia       : I also think the same.
Mrs.Janet : (she saw Azizah and Mutia) You both! Stop talking and do practice.
Your moves need a lot of practice (she appointed Rina).

Expression Predicting:
  It looks like that ...
  I suspect ...
  I suppose ...
  It seems as if ...
  I diagnose that ...
  I convincingly think ...
  What is your prediction ….?
  I suppose ...
  I would say …
  I predict that ….
  I guess …
  I think ….

   I think so
   I can be ….
   I don’t think so
   My prediction is ….
   I think it’s well grounded.

Last night, it was about 9.30 pm. The students of Pare English Course were finish their course. Before they went back to their each homes, Anton and Fadhil made a plan to watch soccer match “Manchester United vs Bayern Munchen” in Fadhil house.
Fadhil : What about tonight? You will come right?
Anton : Of course, I want to directly to your house.
Fadhil : Alright, we back together.
After they arrived in fadhil’s house, they took sleep for awhile until 01.30 pm and then woke up again to watch football match.
Fadhil : Hurry! (Fadhil woke Anton up and directly turn on the TV)
Anton : Is the match start?
Fadhil : After the break, the soccer match will start.
Anton : While we are waiting, I want to make a bet with you 30.000 rupias for the winner team. What do you choose between Manchester United and Bayern Munchen?
Fadhil : I choose Manchester because it’s my favorite team.
Anton : Alright. Bayern Munchen for me. I predict that my team will win this game.
Fadhil : Hahaha… I don’t think so. Manchester United will win.
Fadhil : I guess Manchester United is the tough one. You will lose.
Anton : Whatever. We’ll see.


Expression Speculating:
  I'm sure that ...
  It's my speculation that ...
  I hypothesize ...
  I bet ...
  I foresee that ...
  It's worth speculating.
  Well, I'm not sure but ....
  Well, I've never thought about that before but ….
  As far as I know ....
  What is your speculation on ….?
  I imagine ....
  I guess ....
  I suppose ....
  We can speculate
  I speculate ….
  I’m aware ….

  It’s worth speculating
  I can be ….
  I think …

In the movie theater, Andi and his girlfriend watched “Snow White and the Huntsman”
Anita   : Babe, I really love this movie. I’m a fan of Kristen Stewart.
Wandi : I know babe. So do I.
Anita   : I want to be an actress. I want to be popular.
Wandi : But you know that being actress is so difficult because it’s so open many speculations.
Anita   : Yeah, it’s difficult sometimes but as far as I know if you have a talent and ability, it will be easy for you.
Wandi : I'm aware that, whatever the circumstances, there will always be speculation about you.
Anita  : Yeah, I think speculation keeps things really interesting.
Wandi : I guess you should think twice before you decide it!
Anita   : Yes babe. Thank you!